Markit is a robust E-commerce platform with intuitive solutions for the modern shopper. Along with an elegant and beautiful user experience crafted for everyday use, the app also includes a Scan-and-Shop flow that uses image recognition technology to help users connect to their needs.
Introduction to Markit
Markit is an eCommerce mobile platform that allows users to buy the items they want using their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. This case study explains my design process in detail and will walk you through my design thinking approach.
From the Platform's Perspective:
A mobile platform has proven to be the most sought-after way to sell products to everyday consumers. Brands on a mobile eCommerce platform also gain the distinct advantage of using analytics to optimize their sales. The aforementioned is evident from the conversion rate of mobile apps being 130% more than websites. The platform allowing for immediate feedback leads to a responsive customer service experience.
From the Customer's Perspective
Allowing the user to sift through the digital counters of an e-grocery store has taken over the consumer market in the last decade. Our app leverages that adoption by adding intuitive features that add value to the contemporary shopping experience. Coupled with quick delivery time and responsive customer service, the platform provides a complete shopping experience. Convenient, responsive, and quick.
Diverse Diaspora of ECommerce Users
People are shopping online, today, more than ever before. Mobiles have taken over our lives. 81% of the population have smartphones. As the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day, only websites cannot help an eCommerce store reach its full potential. Sales from mobile devices have completely taken over the world. Stats show that almost 67% of all eCommerce sales come from mobile phones and is expected to reach 75 by 2024. Mobile phones provide users increases mobility and reduced loading time. Keeping in view the stats above, a mobile commerce app helps in:

- Increased conversions
- Higher average order value
- Reduced abandonment rates
- Higher retention rates
Search Flow
Markit has a very smooth and easy search flow. It has a well-designed search flow that allows users to explore or buy any product they want. In Markit, search has been prioritized and it is kept “above the fold”. It provides a look-ahead search feature by using the data from previous searches and common search patterns.  It also provides advanced search options allowing customers to find their desired products easily and effortlessly. 

Image zooming and pinching and double tap gestures are also added feature that allows users to easily check out the image of their desired product. More than 40% of mobile apps don’t have this feature. High-quality images have been used with a very defined “focal point”.
Intelligent auto-detection, auto-filling, auto-suggestion, and address look-up feature is also there to make the user's buying experience as easy as possible.

All interactions are easy and “thumb-oriented”. Micro-interactions are also introduced to keep the user engaged. 

A “like” feature has been added for the users to save the product they want to buy later and can easily be accessed using the liked section in the bottom navigation bar. This feature was based on the research that 55% of the users will use this feature when they knowingly or unknowingly plan to buy an item at a later date. 
Scan Flow
A Scan buys feature was also introduced which allows the user to buy their desired item by taking a picture of it using their mobile’s camera. This is the main feature and is available at the center of the bottom navigation bar. It is very easy to use. The user just has to take a picture of the product they are searching for.

The app then scans the image and displays a list of the products based on the image. The user also has the option to upload any image from their gallery, the app scans it and displays the results accordingly. The user can then select the item for the list which they found appropriate and then they are taken to the product detail page where they can find the details of the product they searched for and then later decide whether they want to buy it now or save it for later.
Checkout Flow
Markit has a very easy and smooth checkout flow that doesn’t ask users to register first. A recent study shows a cart abandonment rate of 35% in the checkout process because of the requirement of account making before making the purchase. Usability shows that 60% of users find it difficult to find the “checkout as a guest” option.

Markit has a very safe and secure checkout system. Each step of the checkout has been labeled to keep the user engaged. A “progress bar” shows the progress made by the user checking out. Progressive disclosure techniques are applied to keep users focused and load the screen 30% faster.

In Conclusion
Markit is a complete solution for the diverse use cases of an eCommerce platform. Consisting of a robust set of features construct a smooth experience from search to checkout.

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