Popchix is a snack ordering app for a local cinema that allows the movie fanatics to easily order snacks before or during shows without having to wait in long queues and can have them delivered to their seats thus making the overall cinema experience great.
Introduction to Hyred
Popchix is created for a local cinema allowing cinephiles to order snacks which are a significant part of a decent movie experience. The snack options available at the food court are accessible via the app and the users have the option to place an order prior to reaching the cinema so that they don’t have to wait in long queues. Popchix also allows users to order snacks and have them delivered to their seats allowing them to have the best possible experience. 
A study showed that people tend to eat more snacks while they are watching fast-paced action movies as compared to slow-paced talk shows. People can eat more than twice what they normally do when they are indulged in movies they love. Thus it becomes almost necessary to make the snack ordering experience as easy as possible. This makes the overall experience better and also helps the cinema in achieving its business goals.
User research was conducted and based on that personas were created. The user journey was also mapped out to get a better understanding of all the steps a user takes while placing the order
Popchix has very smooth and user-friendly flows. It has a well-designed search flow that allows users to search for their desired snacks. The Carousels at the top inform users about the latest hot deals and discounts on specific items or categories making it easier for the users to make a decision. 
The art of minimalism has been used here and white space has been used as a separator. The overall UI is clean. High-quality images have been used with a single focal point for the ease of users.
Making the journey as short as possible was the priority and for that many deals and previously placed order options were introduced allowing the users to not have to choose again and go with their desired time directly. Users can access their past orders and their favorite items as well.
Popchix is a one-way solution to the snack ordering problem for cinemas and it makes the overall cinema experience better. This in return gives the cinema more customers which generates more revenue and helps them achieve their business goals.
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